As far as the search for cars online  is concerned, there is no other website in Ethiopia we can think of that beats  Mekina Mender. There are a lot of things to consider to validate the effectivesness  

of a website such as Mekina Mender. This is not a bout the look and feel of the website. But it is a bout the filter which helps website users to narrow their search based on their situation whether a need, budget wise or any other opnion they may have in mind. 

When users list their cars in the website, they struggle putting the right Engine Size in Litre and Engine Power in Kilowatt on the required fields.

Please have a look of the picture here. To list a Hyundai Veloster with 1.6L, you put one in the first box (field) and 6 in the second box.

There is good reason to call Mekina Mender tidy. This is not just the splashy look of the website and the App itself. Familiar with the saying that “Do Not Judge the Book by its cove”?

For Mekina Mender, this goes far than that. With the word tidy, it means that every car that got listed in

Car Sale in Ethiopia is a big industry. There are so many car sellers in the country particularly in Addis Ababa who are attracted to this sector. Many of these group uses different avenue to sell their cars.  These include area brokers, local newspapers and a word of mouth from acquaintances, friend or

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