This 2010 Toyota Hilux SR5 (4x4) Turbo Diesel is a one owner with Original Stamped Log Books, it comes with SAT-NAV, HARD COVER, Cruise Control, Bluetooth, Tow Bar & many more. Recently brought from Europe, this car has to be driven yet in Ethiopia.

መኪና መንደር በአዲስ አስተዳደር በመመራት ላይ ይገኛል፡፡ ማንኛውም ከ400,000 ብር በታች የሚሸጥ መኪናን በነጻ፤ እንዲሁም ከ400,000 ብር በላይ የሆኑ መኪኖችን 150 ብር ብቻ በመክፈል  ያስተዋውቁ፡፡ የሚሸጥ መኪና አለዋት? በስልክ ቁጥር 251948 238 883 ይደውሉልን!!!

We are the main reef auto cars ellers in Addis Ababa. We sell high end cars as well as cars suitable for

THE 2009 TOYOTA GGN15R HILUX SR5 DUAL CAB UTILITY is an attractive, well optioned, tough and reliable workhorse that also doubles as the perfect modern family car built on Toyota reliability. Powered by Toyota's 4L V6 Diesel motor, mated to manual transmission the

Are you looking for a ute that is not only awesome to look at but is also amazing to drive. Then this latest model converted F150 XLT Sport is certain to catch your eye. Powered by the all new powerful twin turbo V6 engine and the latest 10 speed auto, i

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