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Serving you for the best in Ethiopia's Auto Industry

 Mekina Mender is a sisterly website of Barohub, a newly founded website for all Ethiopians who are interested in the online advertisement. The Mekina Mender websites deals specifically for Auto Industry. We called the name Mekina Mender because 'Mender' (Village in English) welcomes everybody that want to dwell in it. As far as the advertisement is concerned, the staff at Barohub are able to advertise every vehicle that you would like to advertise in Mekina Mender website.

This is not limited to cars, buses, trucks, trailers, motor bikes or scooters but any automotive one can name can be advertised online in Mekina Mender website whether it is a four wheel drive, hatch, sedan double decker, single deck or a rubbish dumper and whether a brand new or an old vehicle.

As such, it is fair to say that Mekina Mender is one of the best websites ever built in the country because buyers can filter their search not only by Make or model but also by Kilometers, colour as well as price ranges. We believe that Mekina Mender website will bring a sense of ease and happiness to thousands of those who are dedicated and talented in an online advertisement search. The website is an amazing and grateful specifically for those who are for a specific type of vehicle who just do not want to buy out of luck or of what became available to them.

With just a click on to your browser, you would be able to find what you want in seconds because there are many tools in Mekina Mender website that give you the opportunity to conduct search in a smarter easy way. The website users can narrow the search down by the year of manufacture, body type, make or any other options that are available in the website.   

Our Team

Currently Barohub has 4 Employee overseeing the business and two board members.

Founder & CEO

Pell has many skills acquired over 20 years studying both in Ethiopia and Australia. Pel earns A Master Degree from Macquarie University's Centre for Policing, Intelligence and Counter Terrorism in Sydney, A Bachelor of Social Work and Social Science in La Trobe University at Albury Campus, a Bachelor Degree in Web design and Development at Granville College of Tafe  in Sydney & of course a Diploma in Teaching obtained from Gambella, Teacher's Education and Health Science College in Gambella. Pell finished his high school in Higher 12 Comprehensive Secondary School in Farensite Lagassio in 1991 EC or 1998 GC. .

Direct Marketing Strategist

 Kidest has a huge experience with her in marketing. Upon graduation from Addis Ababa University with a Master Degree in Marketing, Kidest obtained a job with MERC where she became a senior sale representative, a position sje held for more than five years before working with Barohub. Kidest has a Bachelor Degree in Pharmacy also obtained from Addis Ababa University.


Thanyjack has earned many skills and experiences over time. Thanyjack  is quite polite and very honest person one would like to befriend when it comes to conducting business deals. Thanyjack has a certificate in Film and creative arts. He is an asset to Barohub mostly on his effort to travel daily and meet our dedicated customers.


Biruk is a Director and assistant to the Founder who ensures everything is working fine for the Business. Biruk Priorities what ought to happen and how Barohub can remain as a viable online advertisement in Ethiopia.


We are now located in Bethlehem Plaza in Megenegna. The street Address is Kenenisa Avenue Megenegna, Addis Ababa

Bethlehem Plaza, Megenegna, Addis Ababa

Bethlehem Plaza
Level 7,
Office No 717
Addis Ababa
P: 0948238883


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