Get this Luxury Car at Henok Car Sale

We have said that many times ago Henok Car Sales has the best Quality Cars not only in Addis Ababa but also in Ethiopia. This could be seen by

the luxurious Mitsubishi Eclipse listed out today. With Icy Air condition and bigger rooms, you can take a joy ride with your family to the deserts but you could still feel that you are in Europe. 

Henok carsales does not only have this Nice Mitsubishi. Different new brands are also found in their showroom including Hyundais, Nissans and Toyota. Almost 90 percent at Henok Carsales are newer. This begs the question of why going for old cars when trouble free cars are nearby. To contact Henok Carsales representatives, please ring these numbers. 

Mobile Phone: 0911 224 683

Mobile Phone: 0911 227 144

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