Best Quality Cars at our dozens of Customers. Watch this Video to see

There are a dozen of customers who advertise cars in Mekina Mender website. Henok Carsales is one of them.

Henok Car Sales has got some quality good cars that you would need to see if you are looking for a brand new or a quality used cars. The most popular brands are Hyundai and Toyota. There are  a few Nissans too that worth a test drive. The Qashqai is a good one to see. In Toyotas, there are few RAV4s.  The Hyundai has the AVante and, Tucson and the Sante Fe. There are also many ranges of vehicles which you can see at Henoks. You can kindly go to their show room in Bole Atlas or look up for specifications in  Mekina Mender website. Just type Henok Carsales in their search bar. Then you will be able to see the cars all of which were maufactured not more than 5 years ago. 

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